Putting the “Hallow” Back In Halloween!

Halloween is more that what it seems! What is behind the scenes of trick-or-treating, costumes and carved pumpkins?

I have the answers to what Halloween also known at All Hallow’s Eve really means.

Exploring the true meaning of Halloween does not have to be a creepy endeavor.   Halloween offers us – regardless of religious tradition – the opportunity to make a “hallowed” (aka holy or sacred) spiritual connection. From October 31st – All Hallows Eve through November 2nd – All Souls Day the world of the dead and the world of the living touch and can effect each other in a positive non frightening way.

Wearing costumes historically was a way of depicting the fight between good and evil in the world. Dressing as an evil spirit will hide you from evil spirits who typically find their way into the physical world during this holiday.  Dressing as a good spirit defeats the evil!

Not only do the different costumes come into exciting play during this time but also the ritual of the lighting of the infamous Jack O’ Lantern is full of the supernatural!  Lighting a Jack O’ Lantern serve as a way to protect homes from the great movement of souls, ensuring they don’t mistakenly wander into our homes!

As October transitions to November, the “veils” separating the physical and the spirit worlds become their thinnest as each of us can send prayers and thoughts of love to world of the dead.  We can also ask the Saints and higher guides to assist in this process and they will gladly lend there assistance and Love.

Depending on your belief system you can say a prayer and ask for more love to fill the spirit as you hold a mental picture in your mind or by holding a actual physical picture of them. As you envision a love filled pink beam of light in your imagination and then see it entering your loved ones in the spirit world.

Another way to honor this great movement of Souls would be to connect with nature by sitting near a stream or ocean or next to your favorite tree and ask for the pink beam of light to fill your loved ones in the spirit world.  Again, utilizing your imagination, picture this love filled pink beam entering into the spirit of your loved one. These mental thoughts no matter how you conjure them will send love filled pink light to the spirit it is intended for.

All you need to do is: Hold Love in your heart and set your intention to honor the dead during these very powerful 3 days from October 31st Halloween, November 1st All Saints Day and November 2nd, All Souls Day and make you very own “True Spirit Connection”.

Please join me as I  connect to your loved ones who exist in the Spirit World on Friday, November 13th at the Katonah Village Library.  Please visit www.spiritinside.net to register!

About Robin C. Mueller

Robin Christine Mueller is a Spiritual Medium, Healer and Guide who has helped thousands of clients transform the health of their mind, body and spirit and lead more joyful and inspired lives. She has been in private practice for over 15 years, but has served as an Ambassador to the world of spirit since early childhood. Robin's innate ability to connect with the non-physical world enables her to accurately relay the compassionate messages, insights and higher spiritual perspective from Spirit.
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  1. Danielle Shea says:

    This has been my understanding of All Hallows Eve since I journeyed into the domain of the Old Religion of the Supreme Metaphysical Goddess way back in 1980 when I read and was inspired by Starhawk’s book The Spiral Dance. It has always felt like a very special time to me. xoxoxo Dani

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