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teach them how to find us cd

Teach Them How To Find Us (CD/mp3)

This is a guided meditation that will connect you to a beloved spirit. You will establish a a soul level a path that will energetically bind to you. By doing this meditation daily over time, you will be able to establish a path to higher dimensions.. More Info
teach them how to find us cd

Paranormal is My Normal (Book)

"There is nothing like the feeling of knowing we ARE connected, that there is a divine purpose, and our loved ones are much closer than we think!" More Info
teach them how to find us cd

Inside the Light - A Paranormal Journey

Stay tuned! Coming Soon

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Robin Christine Mueller

Spiritual Healer, Medium, and Guide

Robin Christine Mueller is a Spiritual Medium, Healer and Guide who has helped thousands of clients transform the health of their mind, body and spirit and lead more joyful and inspired lives.


Susan Gagliardo

Personal Assistant
susan gagliardo

Susan Gagliardo holds a certification as a Reiki Master and has worked in a wide variety of spiritual and healthcare environments which blend both Eastern and Western Traditions. Sue is also a Reiki Practitioner offering private sessions in two locations: Patterson, NY and Fairfield, CT.