SpiritInside Testimonials

The following are real testimonials from individuals who have taken a session with me:

I have known Robin for many years, since even before she discovered her gift for healing. She was then, as she is now, a compassionate and deeply feeling individual. A few years ago, I suffered a serious injury from a motorcycle accident. My entire femur (thigh bone) was crushed in the accident and the pieces removed in surgery. The bone was replaced with a metal rod. During my recovery, Robin not only sent me healing light and angels, but assisted in my learning how to speed my own healing, both physical and spiritual. She taught me the value of positive thought, the healing properties of light, and the comfort of knowing that all of us can gain assistance from the Angelic Realm. My doctors, nurses and caregivers were astonished at the progress of my recovery! From the possibility of being wheelchair bound I am now walking with only the occasional use of a cane. X-rays show a remarkable fusion of the metal rod and new-growth bone. Although I was fortunate to have excellent medical care through the process, I count myself even more fortunate to have experienced Robins healing light and the difference it has made in my recovery and my life.

Lora K. (Katie) Davis
Indianapolis, Indiana

Allow Robin to help you learn how to align and balance yourself, and to connect with divine energy. As you work together with her you will undoubtedly achieve new levels of joy and wellness beyond what you have dreamed possible. I consider myself blessed to have Robin guiding me through this life experience as will you!

Sue G.
Pawling, N.Y.

You have helped me so much on my own journey these past 2 years. I thank you so much for healing me and giving me the teaching and encouragement in the joys of Reiki healing. You are an inspiration!

Catherine, NY

you are so talented and such a comfort to your clients. You will be wonderful whatever you set your mind to!

Kim, NY

Thank you so much for all of your guidance, prayers and sharing of yourself. Brightest Blessings in all that you do. You have deeply touched me and assisted me in bringing loving healing light when it was needed ~ peace and love to you always.

Cheryl, NY

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you so much for our healing session last night. I am so glad that I attended, despite my unfounded anxieties! You always have the wisest and kindest words to share. I experienced so much healing last night. And your skills as a healer are the best Ive ever seen! I am not sure exactly how you work your magic, but you do. And God could not have chosen a better emissary for his healing work. I came away from last evenings session feeling like a new person. Lighter and more empowered.
Thank you so much for everything!


Dear Robin,
I truly believe everything happens for a reason..... On a sunny but sad day in September a lovely girl generously gave me your name and told me how much you had helped her... As one door was opening in her life, and another was closing in mine, I couldnt get over her kindness and sensitivity. To this day she remains a special part of my life... It was one of the greatest gifts I ever received.... When I did have a session with you, I came with a broken heart, other ailments but most of all I was terribly lost.. You gently took me by the hand took and guided me through each step of the process and together you helped me find my way... There are no words for the gifts you have given me.. You taught me that goodbye is not forever and it is possible to reconnect again with loved ones again... Our beautiful journey is happening and I couldnt have done it without you.. As I walk out of our sessions—I hold my head higher, my thoughts are clearer, and I embrace the hope you have given me. Thank you so much for everything... I cant wait for our next sesson
All the best,


Hello Robin,
That is what I was searching for when I came upon your site. I felt such good energy from your page; it jumped off the computer at me! I am writing from Mission, British Columbia Canada and just wanted you to know you have touched someone on the other side of the continent! I have to go off to bed now but your energy is still here! WOW I was searching "right side spiritual" to see if I could find out the emotion attached to the pain in my right side and found you.
Many blessings for you Robin

Sherry Gifts of Healing

Dear Robin,
Thank you for that beautiful email I do feel very blessed to have met you and have you as a part of my life. I am eternally grateful for the closure and the comfort you have given me. Thank you Robin for all you have done for me. You've helped more than you know.
Thank you again,


I wanted to drop you a note and thank you so much for our healing session last night. I am so glad that I attended, despite my unfounded anxieties! You always have the wisest and kindest words to share. I experienced so much healing last night. And your skills as a healer are the best Ive ever seen! I am not sure exactly how you work your magic, but you do. And God could not have chosen a better emissary for his healing work. I came away from last evenings session feeling like a new person. Lighter and more empowered.
Thank you so much for everything!


In February '09 my three year old dog was diagnosed with cancer, just three years after losing our 10 year old dog to the same type of cancer. This uncanny coincidence held a message for me and was the impetus to seek non-traditional help. I have come to believe that I was ready and meant to experience what Robin has to offer at this time. Since early April '09 I have worked with Robin primarily with healing light energy for both me, and my dog Curry. My bi-monthy sessions have given me the support I need in dealing with and surviving this trying time. Robin has given me a positive outlook in what could be a dismal and depressing period and faith in the possibility of miracles. I began to look at Curry as a 'goner' and now I see him full of life because he is full of light. She has helped make my time with Curry so much more special than it would have been. I enjoy and savor every minute with him and know that he will be with me forever. Recently, I tried Robin's "Teach Them How To Find Us" workshop. Robin was very confident that a spiritual experience was extremely possible but I am a skeptic by nature and was concerned that my unquiet mind would get in the way. To my amazement, I had an incredible experience in my first attempt. I felt that I absolutely visited "the other side" and was met by a helpful spirit. This spirit gave me a small but profound bit of information which I must now work with in order to become the person I truly need and want to be. With practice, I look forward to more visits to the other world on my own which will aid me in this lifetime. I find Robin to be altruistic, which is an important characteristic for someone in her field. She is also extremely intuitive as there have been many things that she has said or done which were signs to me that she is truly connected and it has made me feel connected with something far greater than this earthly life. With Robin's help, I believe I will transcend the fears of my physical life while making the most of it and I will be ready and equipped with a good idea of what to expect upon my exit.

Pam from Connecticut

Dear Robin:
It has only been a couple of weeks since you taught us how to find them. And in this short time my travel through that special spiritual road has already become one of my favorite and most enlightening activities. I often feel like a little child waiting for the next time I will be able to pause and go back to meet them again. I will always be thankful to you for having decided to share your knowledge. You have changed our lives forever.
May the light of God continue to guide your life.


Dear Robin,
I think I needed to do the exercise at home where I was more comfortable, because I tried it a few other times and had 2 very interesting experiences. I think I was close to falling asleep or sort of asleep, something you described might happen. I didnt see anyone sitting in a chair, the experiences were brief, and I only remember people talking to me, not my talking to them. The first time, a little girl with brown wavy pigtails pulled on my sleeve and asked: “Mommy, mommy, can I come now? "I dont know if I answered, because as I mentioned, I felt as if I was asleep and “woke up" a few minutes later and remembered what had happened. This was a very important message. The second time I saw my mothers mother as she was before I knew her, when she was young, probably in her 30s. She said to me: "its ok, your mother needed to be with me." They were very very close. This reminded me about my husbands comment right after he saw my mother after she died. He noted that she had a smile on her face, something highly unusual given that she had been in so much pain and discomfort. He said he thought she had seen her mother at that exact moment, so thats why she smiled.

Marni from New Jersey

I was so mellowed out before during and after the class. After the class I heard the songs, "I Just Called to Say I Love You" (Stevie Wonder) and "You've got a Friend" (James Taylor). It was wonderful and amazing to reconnect with my loved ones including my dog! I felt that I released a lot of baggage and anxiety.

Noelle, New York

I absolutely LOVED the workshop! Thank you so much for being there for us and helping us do this work. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing we ARE connected, that there is a divine purpose, and our loved ones are much closer than we think! This workshop exceeded all my expectations. I was thrilled to receive a visit from my border collie Sparky who recently passed on. And he brought his dear brother and sister! In addition to the very moving connection with loved ones, the sense of peace and contentment following the session is a truly wonderful benefit. There is no doubt in my mind that Robin is helping us connect us with the divine; the present of the blue light from Archangel Michael is a gift I treasure beyond measure!

Kim, New York

Through Robin's gentle guidance in the class; I met one of my spirit guides on the beach, who shared with me a beautiful gift of love and support. Receiving this spirit guide's teachings in this way was powerful and had a tremendous and immediate beneficial impact on my well being and growth. Each day I feel my guide's gift of love and continue to enjoy a dramatic shift in how I approach each day.

Loriann, New York

Hi Robin,
I tuned in last month to your Healing Circle of Light monthly group and throughout that day and even during other days of the month setting my intention back to your healing circle and I really felt the benefits. I am looking forward to tuning in to future ones. It really helps me and I appreciate it so much!

Rebecca, NY

Hi Robin,
During you Manifesing with Light workshop I wanted to talk more but my tears were in the way. I wanted to share that when it was time to walk up the steps, I felt an angel on either side of me, pushing me. It felt so real; I felt my own dead weight in the chair. My Mom handed me something folded up with light in it, like you would slip a valet a dollar- I got down a step or two and turned back to say thank you and thats when I lost it.
Thank you for a great experience.

Tina, NY

I just wanted share with you the experience I had in your Manifesting with Light workshop. In the first class I had asked for help in selling my home - which happened within a week from that class, and the second class was in buying a particular home in CT (with a bid that was much lower than the asking price) and that happened within a week and half later after your Manifesting with Light class.

Allison, CT

Dear Theresa, I shared your story about your son with a client of mine and this is what happened when she showed her children how to manifest with Light:

"On a lighter, more positive note, I took the kids through the manifesting with light exercise a couple of weeks ago and my daughter had told me she wished for $10. I smiled when she told me it didn't work and told her she needed to do it again and really believe (just like Theresa's son). I had put scratch off lottery tickets in their Easter baskets (they always ask for them), and wouldn't you know it -- she won $10! I reminded her of the meditation and helped her make the connection. When I asked her friend what she had wished for, she said $1. My daughter said she had to do it twice for it to work, so now they are busy wishing and meditating!"

Chris, NY

Hello Robin,
I attended your Manifesting in Light session on January 27th. I wanted to let you know that, it worked for me! Although I did not see the images most of the other participates saw, I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I wanted to pass along this information to you and also wanted to thank you. What I asked for has made my life and my family life much happier and healthier!

Lisa, NY

Dear Robin,
Thank you for that wonderful experience in your Manisfesting with Light Workshop. I am trying to work with manifestations and light. It was interesting that last night, while I could not sleep, I was trying to do a manifestation which was at a higher level than the one I did Friday. The end result was one a little wishy washy because I believe my mind fot involved and it was not as powerful. This manifestation related to my understanding, compassion and caring of my students, who I love dearly but sometimes I lack the patience to nuture them. We went to church this morning and guess what the sermon was about? Our relationship with our children, being them ours or any others. I took it as a sign that I need to pursue this manifestation at a higher level and with more dedication and more imagination and I will pursue it further.

Monica, NY

Hi Robin,
Reiki 1 Training was such a wonderful experience that I cant put it into words, and I realize it more today than I even did on Saturday. It was such a blessing to have Chris in our class; her healing is a wonderful confirmation of spiritual power in our lives. And how much they really do want to help us. I had no expectations when I went because I didnt have a real understanding of Reiki. I didnt read anything on the web, I just wanted to be surprised, so to speak. I slept well, but still headachy when I woke up, and it lasted all day; so I took it easy, did Reiki self-healing a few times and just kind of went with the flow. But when I woke up this morning, I felt great. I woke up without the usual groggy feeling, and I have a sense of peace and contentment ~ and I guess joy. Its hard to explain, but its a real feeling of being "in the flow". Like everything is ok, including me. So thank you so much for all of that.
Love, Light, and Blessings,


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