Spirit Connection Testimonials

The following are real Spirit Connection testimonials from individuals who have taken a session with me:

Dear Robin:
I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to write and thank you. I have gone to a couple of your spirit sessions. I have found them to be truly amazing. I was prompted to go by my two younger sisters how had received beautiful messages from our mother that had recently passed. There was an abundant amount of healing for them. I was intrigued .So I had to make an appointment to witness your amazing gift for myself. At the first session I attended did not receive a reading but the friend that accompanied me did. She found it both helpful and insightful. With your messages she was able to intervene and help someone that she loved here on earth. I was also taken by the amount of healing that had taken place that evening. I then wanted to introduce another friend to your gift so I made another appointment. I have to say that I do not attend your sessions with the intention of being contacted. I really have been quite settled and have been happy and self reliant the past two years. My father had been suffering with a terminal illness and was having a difficult time. I had only on question for the spirits mainly my mom. I wanted to know what it was that I could do to help him. I was surprised when you began the reading. The clues were more than amazing. They were so clear. I am writing to thank you for helping guide him to the light and for giving me the answers he needed to hear and accept so that he could move forward. Without your guidance I feel that I would have never been ready for such a beautiful and spiritual experience. I was able to help him and that made all the difference. All the dates that you gave me were accurate. You also told me that he would be free from this burden. I was given the reference number of three preceded by soon. My father died three months to the date of your reading. He was able to make amends with himself and was sure that my mom was there waiting. Thank you for teaching me how to open the light for him and to give him the information from my mom. I believe that he is dancing with her now. The day after his death I was making coffee and all the rooms light up with rainbows. I have crystals in one my windows. I have never seen them so big. I believe he was dancing with her then and telling me thank you. What more could I have asked for! It was quite an affirmation. Thank you so much for helping me and my family and friends. I have witnessed your healing and stand I awe of your gifts. There will surely be a spot in heaven for you:)
With light and love and much thanks,



Good Morning Robin,
I wanted to touch base with you on a recent spiritual group I attended this past Friday night at Silver Lake East in Carmel. I must say that I was some what skeptical about the whole �spiritual contact" thing, but at the same time curious and interested. Interested so much that I brought a few of my fathers things with me with the "hopes of him" coming through. Well, much to my surprise, he did and the very first reading at that. The only thing is that I had never been to a spiritual group before and didnt know what to expect. So, as you communicated with the spirits you had walked to the back left side of the room and said someone was coming through and it was intended for the woman sitting next me in the pink sweater. As I was taking notes for her, much, if not most, of the things you were saying were pertaining to me and my family. And I sat there and said nothing because I had no idea I could speak up or that spirits could cross over another. (And I believe some of the things you were bringing through to the group that night were meant for me especially when you came to the back of the room over near the couch). When I got home I went over my notes with my sister and very easily placed just about everything you were bringing through. Tears came to my eyes and I felt really bummed because I had a chance to be involved with this spiritual connection and did nothing not knowing that I could interrupt another persons reading. It was my father and he was with other family. I am waiting for the additional notes everyone took and gave to the woman next to me in case I missed anything you had said which I am sure I did. And you are, I believe, truly gifted. Thank you.
Best Regards,

Stephanie Bennett

Dear Robin,
Ok, here's what I have regarding the Spirit Group I attended at your place this summer: You asked me if my husband knew anyone who had passed in the 9/11 attack. You then told me that it was someone on the 92nd floor of the WTC. Then you told me that it was many people who had died in the same office and in fact, everyone had died in the office that day. You then came up with the names Cindy or Cindy Lou, Susan, Darryl, Dan and Phil, who all had offices next to one another. You had also said that the center of the office is where the secretaries sat. You said that Dan knew or knew of one of these families. You then told me that Cindy, or Cindy Lou, who looked to be about 29 or so with dark hair, had children "surrounded by 4", and that her Mother was now caring for them. She wanted Dan to get a message to her Mom telling her how much she appreciates her taking the children and how much she loves her. We then, as a group, sent light to this group of souls to assist in guiding them home. You told me that I should share this information with Dan, regardless of his beliefs about medium-ship. I promised that I would, and I did. He thought that it was nuts until we looked up the location of the office where his friend had worked and indeed, it was located on the 92nd Floor of the WTC. He then asked me for the information that he had been asked to communicate.


I just want to take a moment to thank you for our session with my wife and my daughter. Most of what came through was right on the money. The superman reference was my dad for sure. I spoke to my brother over the weekend and he said he was just looking at a picture of Dad doing the "pose". Many other messages and references were accurate. I hope the message for Carl can help him ease the pain of his loss. All of this reaffirms my belief that we are spiritual creatures and our spirits move on and are around us guiding us and helping us.
Thank you so much for your insights.


Hi Robin,
I am writing to give you an update since the energy work. After our session I went immediately home and slept for two hours!! I continued to feel a little low energy and spacey for a couple of days. One thing I noticed though is that I was not as anxious as previously. I have been better able to keep an optimistic attitude, and I was able to land a part time job with very little trouble. I have a feeling that things are going to work out, and I see myself on "Prosperity Road". What I am trying to communicate is an inner shift, which indeed feels as though I have gained a level of support I was previously missing.

Karen Kennedy

Hi Robin,
You never cease to amaze us! You are the topic of our conversations at the breakfast table. Maris figured out who the "Maryanne" name was- His cousin Luanne who is Maris' mom's Goddaughter. The"ring" that Maris' mom referred to that Laura had wasn't her latest diamond but rather a ring that she has that my father-in-law was looking for. He had it made special for my mother -in-law and he couldn't find it. Months ago he mentioned to me that Laura had it and that he wanted it back and didn't know how to approach her. We really appreciated your time! Your gift is so incredible! You are so nice and incredibly patient.
Many thanks!


Thank you so much for last night at Synchronicity. What an amazing and uplifting experience. I always knew my Mom was "out there" as I have felt her presence with me many times. Some months after her death, (May 2002 - perhaps your reference to "52"), I am still poring over my notes but so many of the messages she sent through you were so "her" that I have no doubt that she was there with us last night. I cant thank you enough for bringing her voice and her words to me. It was a great comfort to have the affirmation that she hears me when I speak to her. My children were enthralled when I told them about the experience.
So, thank you again.


Dear Robin,
Please know what a peaceful, spirit-filled experience it was spending time with you. It was a gift to be able to connect with my mom, and the messages to my cousin were very comforting. There were many things that made no sense to me that I had written down that meant the world to her and truly validated that her husband was with her.
Thank you,


"Working with Robin has had a profound effect not only on my son, but myself. Her gentle guidance and powerful energy work has helped us to find a new state of calm (together) and a new approach to dealing with his intense energy swings. After years of trying just about everything...Robin's work has put us on the road to true healing. You think you see everything there is to see about a problem, until you take a leap of faith, then you find resources within yourself and those you love that you never expected! Thank you Robin, for helping us to find a new path!

--Liz (mother of 7 year old boy)

In our session you said that I would remarry and you picked up the name or the sound of the name "Phil" and that there were 2 around this name. Two months after my session with you I met a wonderful man named Bill. I just wanted to let you know about this wonderful confirmation.

Jessica Pawling, NY

Hi Robin,
I just wanted to give you some feedback on some of the things you told us regarding our session. You spoke to my father's spirit and you repeated that you saw him in a submarine surrounded by water, a number of times. When I told my mother what you said, she said, he was not in a submarine in the army. I said to her that you she saw him surrounded by water. My mother said, "of course he was surrounded by water" He was a motorman for the NYC transit dept. He drove a train in the underground subway and drove the train under the east river between Queens and Manhattan many times a day during his shift. I started to scream, "That's it! s-u-b.....It was subway, not submarine. I didn't think of it at the time because I associate him with the word "train". Also you had told us his exact death date.

Claudia New York, New York

Dear Robin,
A few weeks ago you came to Synchronicity in Pawling for an evening and I was there with my sister. It was our first time going to a medium. I wanted to thank you because you told us that our mother was waving her skirt around with both hands and was dancing. Prior to her death, she had been paralyzed on her right side and could not wave both hands around and she could not walk, much less dance. She had to be moved by a hoist from the bed to a wheel chair. So it was good to hear you say that she was dancing - no longer paralyzed or bruised. Afterwards, when my sister and I spoke, we were very appreciative of the notes you suggested everyone take. It helped us to tell each other what we thought each idea referred to. For example, you had mentioned dropping glasses or stepping on glass. Shaun later told me that she had recently stepped on a piece of glass in her kitchen and by the time she hobbled over to the couch, it had fallen out. She has a toddler and a crawler, and a rug with a busy design and toys all over the place. She said she remembered asking our mother for help to find the glass. She said she was amazed to find the little, jagged piece of glass so quickly in the mess, and remembered thanking mom out loud for the help afterwards. It is good to know that she is watching over us still. We left that evening with a sense of awe and tranquility. Thank you for being so generous with your gift. You are a genuinely kind person.

Ginger Pawling, New York

Hi Robin,
I attended a group reading at Synchronicity in Pawling. I later came for a private reading with my daughter. I thought I would let you know a great confirmation: You told me that there was one new male energy entering in 3 (three weeks later a boy was born to my godchild in Florida who I did not know was pregnant.)

Annette Pawling, New York

Hi Robin!
Just a quick note to say "Thank You" for a wonderful session on Saturday. After our session, I feel that the healing has opened the door to a new chance for a truly happy life. I am looking forward to another session with you.
Thanks again!


Hello Robin,
I came to you in July and we contacted my father and grandmother. It was truly an amazing experience and almost all of your findings reporting were accurate. One of was with my Grandmother she had said she is happy about the baby and said that the baby goes with Theresa and the name Alyssa came up. I did not know what that meant but my Aunt Terri's niece is having a baby girl and they are naming her Alyssa. That to me was just amazing. With my father, so many things you said hit home for me but one in particular was that you mentioned something about a piece for my refrigerator. You said that my father kept saying "Don't forget to buy the piece for my refrigerator." My father built our house for us and then died 1 week after we moved in. Prior to his death, he was very bothered about a piece of trim that we needed to get to go above my refrigerator! That was unbelievable to me. These are the numbers he told you related to him: The number 7 was the day he died, 15 was the day he was born, and you said he died suddenly of a heart attack which was all true. And then you said 3 blockages. He had triple bypass surgery! Truly amazing! Overall my experience was such a positive one and I cannot wait to come back and hear more of what my father has to say through you. Thank you for giving me the gift to communicate with him and I look forward to more sessions with you!

Lori, Pearl River, New York

Dear Robin,
Thanks a lot for this beautiful conversation with my mother that you made possible. It seems that it hit me last night because it was really difficult for me to fall asleep thinking about the messages and other "coincidences" that happened. Meeting you was an excellent experience and also almost a surreal one, but it happened and certainly it was meant to be.

Monica, New York

Words simply cannot describe the wonderful feeling I have after listening to you speak. It's more than what you say; it's the lovely way about you that clarifies how simple life is and how good it can be. Connecting with loved ones only scratches the surface of a much more eventful experience - there are no words. I am floating. You have restored my faith again and I thank you.

Tina, New York

Hi Robin,
Thank you for talking to my brother for me and daughters last night. I have to tell you that just before you spoke to us you were talking to the woman across from me and I knew then that you were talking to my brother not someone in her family. My brother was my daughters Godfather and he was a father figure to all my kids and nieces and nephews. You said you saw his sisters daughters christening. You said the person died from a blood disease probably Aids. My brother did die from Aids. You said you saw a pool with a lot of kids. My parents have a pool and their grandkids are always there. You said the name had an ie in it. We used to call him Ralphie. Then you came to us and told us that he died in a hospital but would not tell you what he died from but that he did a stupid thing and was sorry he hurt everyone and hoped everyone could forgive him. Those were the exact words he told my sister when he told her what he had. You said he said we are not getting things done and to take the garbage out and water the flowers. My brother loved flowers and had a lot of gardens and according to him we could never do things right. You spoke about a man taking a ring off and putting it on a mantel. My father does wear his ring from time to time. You said my father took it very hard and he did. You told me to tell my father to stop looking over his shoulder for him because he is with him. The cemetery is in our town and my father goes to his grave all the time. You said his birthday was in August and it was. You said he was #3 between siblings and he was the 3rd oldest out of 8 children. You said he was putting a party hat on and going to a party or just went to a party. We always have parties (we were at my nieces party this past weekend, the one who plays with him). You said he lived with a lot of pain in his heart. 10 -20 years ago gays did not come out of the closest and I know he had a very hard time living with that and I know it caused him great pain. My daughters and I couldnt believe how right you were with everything he was telling you. Thank you. We told my parents and they were very happy.

Ronnie, New York

These are some impressions from my daughter and me in regard to the group session at Synchronicity: On our way home we realized the anniversary date coinciding with a birthday, July 14th, is amazing. It is the date of Elinor's anniversary, as well as the date of my brother's birth in 1946. My brother Rolf passed away on March 7th this year, you had prepared me in 2 previous sessions about his coming passing, I was comforted, knowing that our parents were standing by to help him pass. I want to thank you again for an interesting evening, all the more a convincing sign that "spirit works" for all of us if we let it.

Eleonore, Pawling NY

I've been meaning to drop you an email...I was at your group at Synchronicity last week (I was there with my husband, Marty). My aunt and grandmother came through... I just wanted you to know that I've been able to verify all of the dates and numbers from my messages. In fact, it was amazing -- and I have reached out to several family members to pass along my aunt and grandma's messages.


Dear Robin
I cant convey how �healing our session was for me. Your insight has proven invaluable to me. There is so much going on at one time, on so many levels, that it is so hard to make sense of it! The hardest thing is no one else understands. I hope you know how vital you are in this world!

Sue, New York

Hi Robin,
I wanted to let you know how comforting it is for me to come to your session at Synchronicity in Pawling. I have been in your group three times now and my dad and his family have come through 2 times. I really needed that message last night.

Angela, Pawling, New York

My Dearest Robin,
You are truly an Inspirational Spiritual Blessing from Spirit. Ever since the day Spirit guided me to you at the Time Warner Building for a Spiritual message from mom, you have been on my mind and in my heart. I still have the reading you gave me on from mom (who passed 2 months earlier). I am forever grateful to you for that and for the constant positive light and love you send me.

Venita, New York

Hi Robin,
Thank you for a beautiful reading! I can not believe how much sense every thing made after I left your home. You said that my dad was with some one with the shaking disease, and right after that you said now he is saying something about Lou Gerits disease. Well if he came down and hit me on the head with a sledge hammer it couldn't be clearer. My father-in-law past from Parkinson s disease and his name was Lou he was trying to tell me they are together. The other really amazing thing was you keep telling me that my father was real worried about the lights and wanted my mother to shut them, well we are in the process of selling my mothers house and all of her neighbors have been calling her to tell her that the real estate has been leaving every light in the house on! Well I could go on and on about what a great reading that was thank you so much for connecting me with many of the people I love and miss so much.

Nancy New York.

Thanks for letting my father speak to me last night, it was great. My mom really enjoyed hearing that he is happy and with us. One other contact that you received, the man on my mother's side with the throat and lung cancer with the letter 'R' was my grandfather Rocco. At the time we thought it was meant for the lady in front of me, but when I went over the info, the pall malls, the child that now smokes and has his name sake, it came to me. It was my grandfather speaking and he wants me to tell my cousin Roccy to stop smoking.

Sandy from Westchester County, New York.

Hi Robin,
I would just like to drop this quick note to thank you for three wonderful readings you have given my daughter, my husband and I. My daughter and I are still calling each other with new insights and revelations. I have even located my Uncle after his name came through for me. I haven't been able to find him for over 20 years. As for my husband...he is scheduled to teach a workshop in March.....a major transformation due to his reading with Robin.

Gail from New York

It is hard to put into words the incredible experience that I had when Robin gave me a reading. She has a very special gift and I feel very lucky that I was introduced to her by my cousin. I didn't know exactly what to expect when my cousin took me to see Robin for a reading for my birthday, but I was completely amazed at the results. Robin was able to contact my father who had recently passed away and gave me very specific messages that only he would have known. Robin gave me guidance and confidence to work on my own spiritual growth, and I feel so grateful that I am on a more meaningful path in life. She was very specific in my reading telling me that she saw "boxes" which meant a move was coming up soon... the funny thing was that it was completely unplanned, but a few weeks later my boyfriend and I decided to take a transfer out of state, we will be moving in a few months! She also said that she saw money coming into my life and not to spend it all ( I am not great with money, but I hadn't told her that), and about a month later I got two unexpected checks in the mail. I am a firm believer in Robin and her gifts and talents. I would highly recommend a reading with her.

Michele, from California

I have known Robin for four years now. She continues to enlighten and deepen my life. My first spiritual encounter with Robin involved reaching a very dear relative who had passed on. I had no doubts that during that hour I was indeed connecting with my grandmother. I knew it from my very core. I was so happy after that experience. It continues to sustain me. Thereafter, when my sister was suffering from a severe depression, I again reached out to Robin. The things she told me about my sister, while difficult to hear, were directly on the money. My experiences with Robin have shown that she will have an overwhelming sense of something and will tell you it. While it might not be exactly what you want to hear, for one reason or another you need to hear it. She is there to help you and guide you to spiritual growth. Very recently, I began to feel a spirit or spirit's presence in my home. I would hear unexplained clapping. While in my crawl space I felt a gentle push on my rear end. My husband would hear footsteps. He also saw a vision of a small child on two occasions. Things were moved, lights would turn on and faucets ran. One particularly disturbing incident involved a toy doll case crashing to the floor in the middle of the night waking my two young daughters. When I went to their room to investigate, I was so upset to see it lying in the middle of their floor. I was so upset because I knew it was physically impossible for either of my girls to have reached it and moved it. That night as I lay with them because they were afraid, my heart was beating through my chest. I called Robin the next morning. She explained that I needed to conquer my fear. I did not think I could do that. She essentially walked me through a process to help these spirits leave my home. She also helped me learn to conquer my fear. I again feel that my home is my haven. So much stress in my life has been eliminated. I have Robin to thank for this. For some reason I needed to go through this experience to grow spiritually. I see things in a new way. I realize the continuum between all spiritual beings. I think Robin is a rare and beautiful person. She has such an aura of goodness. I would invite anyone who is having a spiritual problem or question in their life to reach out to her. The experience will be a rewarding one!

Sue from Islip, New York

Dear Robin,
I was looking for a spiritual guide when I found you and what I received was more than I had bargained for. You not only guided me but I feel you healed me. When I first heard your voice and joined with your energy it was a magical experience that has been with me ever since. I understand things happen for a reason and I feel I was blessed to find you. I highly recommend a session with you for anyone who takes their health seriously because I now know that physical and spiritual healing go hand in hand. You've refreshed my spirit and I feel wonderful throughout. I can now comfortably share this positive energy with those I love. You are a Godsend, thank you!

Love Vicki from Wolcott, New York

"I've been spiritually sensitive for 15 years and had a very traumatic experience. Robin was very instrumental in helping me find an inner place of spiritual peace. She was extremely caring and supportive during the sometimes slow process of healing. Thank you Robin, you have a truly wonderful gift."

Paul from Florida

"Robin has a truly remarkable gift. She is warm, friendly, intelligent and compassionate. When we had our first session, she revealed things that I haven't thought about in 27 years. I was left speechless. Words cannot describe how one is left feeling after the session. I could have spent hours speaking with her. This "Seeker" has made me a psychic believer. You owe it to yourself to give Robin a try."

MaryAlice from Chandler, AZ

"Robin has insight to the "other side". She has compassion and an understanding when someone loses a loved one. Her gift as a Medium will bring peace and comfort to others."

Ann from New City, New York

"I was disturbed by a strange presence of a spirit that "followed" me around and caused a lot of weird things to happen in my home, (things would move, open and close, turn off and on, etc.). It really bothered me, so I tried to make contact with the spirit. My attempt didn't go very well, so I decided to do some research on the web. I came across Spiritinside, Robin's website and e-mailed her with my questions regarding these strange occurrences. She wrote me and explained what was going on and gave me advice on how to deal with this spirit, which put me more at ease. I also had some questions about some dark, unpleasant spirits that began to come around me. Again, when I sent my questions to Robin she gave me additional advice on how to deal with them, and now they no longer bother me. I had no idea what was going on with me, and had no one to ask. Robin supported and guided me; it helped open up a whole new world for me. I now realize that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that I am perfectly safe. Spirit presence surrounding me doesn't freak me out anymore; I look at them as friends that I can't see. I am very grateful to Robin for being there for me; her help was such a wonderful gift.

Renee, Grantsville,West Virginia

Dear Robin,
Thank you once again for a wonderful reading. I thank you for sharing your time and home with my husband and myself. Hearing what my loved ones had to say (with such clarity and validation) was beneficial to my emotional state. I am referring my family and friends to you because I felt so at ease with you and because you were amazingly accurate in the messages you brought through during our session.

Bunny, from Great Neck, New York

I have been clairvoyant all my life. I have been driven to explore these gifts and what they are meant to accomplish for me and others in my life for many years. I have spoken to many psychics, clairvoyants and mediums in my quest for knowledge and confirmation of what I see, feel, and hear from Spirit. So far, no one has given me the kind of confirmation and accurate information that Robin has. Robin is the "real thing" and I feel that she can "touch" the higher realms of spirit...."the angelic realms." My reading with Robin was not only informational, but was filled with guidance. I came away from my session with a beautiful "calm" that has remained with me ever since. Thank you Robin, from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa from Westchester County, New York

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you so much for our healing session last night. I am so glad that I attended, despite my unfounded anxieties! You always have the wisest and kindest words to share. I experienced so much healing last night. And your skills as a healer are the best Ive ever seen! I am not sure exactly how you work your magic, but you do. And God could not have chosen a better emissary for his healing work. I came away from last evenings session feeling like a new person. Lighter and more empowered.
Thank you so much for everything!


Hello Robin,
That is what I was searching for when I came upon your site. I felt such good energy from your page; it jumped off the computer at me! I am writing from Mission, British Columbia Canada and just wanted you to know you have touched someone on the other side of the continent! I have to go off to bed now but your energy is still here! WOW I was searching "right side spiritual" to see if I could find out the emotion attached to the pain in my right side and found you.
Many blessings for you Robin,

Sherry Gifts of Healing

Hi Robin,
I just wanted to thank you for last nights session. I took home my notes and gave a lot of thought to them. I think that I may have figured out the "W" letter that kept coming through and it was turned upside down. There was also a jewelry reference. If its possible, my grandmother had a "V" ring that my mother gave to me for my 30th birthday and I wore it upside down. Don't know if that's the connection but that's what came to mind.

Allison Eckhart

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