About Robin C. Mueller

Robin is a Medium, Healer, and Intuitive who has the ability to hear and transmit guidance from the Angels. The Angels speak through Robin and can answer any question that a client may have.

Through the Angelic Healing MerKaBa activation the Angels hold open the doorway for healing on an emotional, mental and physical level. The ability to heal yourself is now available to you via the Angels. Please see the Angelic MerKaBa Activation MP3 on the shop page.

The author of “The Paranormal is My Normal” Robin gives insight into how she began her spiritual journey. In her upcoming book “Inside the Light - A Paranormal Journey” she delves more deeply into the different levels of existence. The reader will gain a greater understanding on how the Angels are always with us. Both books are available on amazon.com.

As a Medium, Robin connnects with the Angels and delivers their messages.

As a Healer, Robin with Angelic guidance and healing MerKaBa energy the angels provide, can help with emotional, mental and physical issues.

As an Intuitive, Robin will guide you on your journey by helping you understand your past, present and future realities. Always, with the help of the Angels.

Robin’s services include: MerKaBa Angelic Activation, Healing with the Angels, and Channeled Messages from the Angels and Beyond Tarot. Her popular monthly Angelic Healing Circle is open to anyone who would like to heal with the Angels. Please see the calendar for upcoming dates.

Robin also has her CD “Teach Them How to Find Us” which helps clients contact their guide, angel or loved one. Also, the Angels have given her a channeled guided meditation to help you connect to the “Angelic MerKaBa” healing modality. (MP3 format). Both are available for purchase under her “shop” page.

Robin has been on her personal journey for over 30 years and has been in private practice since 2001.

She holds a BA in English Literature with a Minor in Psychology and is a Certified Paralegal. In addition she is also a Certified Reiki Master, Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Shaman. Robin's focus is on giving people a safe place to find spiritual answers and healing, as well as an understanding of the deeper connections that they have with the Angelic Realm and beyond.

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