Spirit Connection

Robin C. Mueller is a spiritual medium, healer and guide who has helped thousands of clients transform the health of their mind, body and spirit and lead more joyful and inspired lives.

She has been in private practice for over 20 years, but has served as an Ambassador to the world of spirit since childhood. Robin's innate ability to connect with the non-physical world enables her to accurately relay the compassionate messages, insights and higher spiritual perspective from Spirit.

If you have booked an Intimate IN Home True Spirit Connection please see below for additional information.

In preparation for this group please bring a pen and paper.

If you are given a message from the other side, it is important to take down as much information as possible. So please, if you are chosen for a spirit message please take down accurate notes and refer to them afterwards.

Come with an open heart and mind.

The most successful communications are the ones in which people come to the group with an open mind and heart. Expect an interesting time and be open to whatever might come through for you or those around you. You may not receive a message from who you might be looking for but please be open to any message you receive from the spirits.

NOTE: No Digital or Tape recording allowed.

Cost: $325.00 for a 45 minute session.