• Robin Christine Mueller

Teach Them How To Find Us CD

You will receive a hard copy CD by mail choosing this option. For an instant MP3 download choose the option below.

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Cost: $15.00 (+ tax and shipping)

Teach Them How To Find Us MP3

Select this option for an instant MP3 download. For a hard copy CD, please choose the option above.

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Cost: $15.00 (Instant Download, No Shipping Necessary)


Phone and iPad users will need access to an external app that can host files such as Dropbox. Unfortunately, iPhones and iPads aren't capable of downloading MP3 files straight to the device without using a separate app. Of course, you can click the download link inside the email and access your download right away, but it will not save to your device unless you are using an Android device or any computer, including Macs.


After you receive your email, open it and press and hold the download link. A few different options will pop up prompting you to save your download to another place. For this example, you would choose your Dropbox account. Once it's saved to your account, you can access it from any device at anytime or download it to a computer if you choose to.

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