• Robin Christine Mueller

Reiki Hands of Light Healing

In your daily life there will be decisions that you need guidance with and emotional or mental disturbances in your life that you do not fully understand. In an Reiki Hands of Light Healing session I will help you focus on the deeper issues and gain a strong understanding of what is holding you back from abundance, joy, health, good solid relationships, job promotions and guide you to move gently forward by facing challenges in your life with ease and grace. You will learn to resolve issues with less drama and stress which automatically bring more peace and joy into your life. This session will help empower you to know, at a soul level, how to make a clear decision and how to put an end to repeating patterns.

Additionally, Reiki Hands of Healing will align your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies which will bring inner balance to your life and create divine flow in all your relationships.

Cost: $170.00 for a 45 minute session.

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