Manifesting With Light

It is time once again to Manifest with Light. Let the Angelic realm touch you with their light and assist you in creating the life you want and which is your highest good and in line with your destiny. Join me as I take you on a journey that will bring you to the steps of the divine where you will bring your dreams into form as you create what you would like for yourself in life.

This you will accomplish in 5 easy steps set forth below.

1st Step
Forming the Idea:

You will utilize your mind to focus your thoughts about what you want to manifest. As you think about what it is you want you will begin to form words in your mind.

2nd Step
Utilizing the Imagination:

You will enter your imagination where you will begin to see your thoughts take form. You will notice how you feel about what you are seeing. You will imagine yourself having what it is you have created in your mind.

3rd Step
Creating your Globe of Light:

You will place this beautiful manifestation into a crystal ball made of light and see this globe in your hands.

4th Step
Seeing the 3 Light Steps:

You will then see three light steps that lead to the divine light needed for creation. You will see an expanse of light that seemingly goes out into infinity. You sense that anything is possible here.

5th Step
Preparing to Release:

You release your globe of light and it moves with ease and grace into the divine where it will begin to take form. In releasing your manifestation you have solidified your connection to the divine and all that moves within it.

Once you have mastered this class you can utilize these easy steps whenever you would like to create in your life. All that you manifest will be in line with your destiny and will always be in your highest good. We will discuss in class in more detail what I have set forth above.

Cost: $100.00 for 2 hours.

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