Akashic Record Session

In an Akashic Record Session, Robin will open your soul's records to gain access to information that has been recorded for all your lifetimes. You will be able to ask any questions and connect directly to your soul gaining guidance and receiving answers you require to assist you on your soul journey.

Present day issues, negative patterns that keep repeating, emotional pain, mental anxiety and physical discomfort are all connected to your soul's journey through time. There is guidance and information available to heal all issues at a soul level. When entering into the Akashic Records you are able to see your life in a new way by understanding the impact that the past has on your present day reality.

Cost: $170.00 for a 45 minute session.


"I have been a client of Robin Mueller for over the past two years. When I started seeing Robin it was because I was going through a very difficult time in my life both health wise and spiritually. Her spiritual healings brought me much peace, clarity and understanding in my life. Last summer she suggested I try an Akashic reading. I didn't know exactly what type of 'reading' this was. I was hesitant, to be honest because I did not want to hear about my past life or the struggles I faced. I was already going through enough in my life, why should I subject myself to more pain? But I knew in my heart that Robin was there to guide me and show me truths that I needed to hear in order to help move me forward. And that was exactly what this reading did for me. Yes, I learned about the struggles, pain and hardships I faced in my past, but it did not bring me more pain. It did quite the opposite. The reading gave me an immense sense of relief, peace, clarity, and true understanding as to why I have been struggling over the past few years. By learning about my past, it gave me the necessary tools to move forward with my present. I still have struggles every day, I will not lie, but this record helped me understand why these struggles have occurred, and how I can get through them with grace, humility and peace. To say that this reading is life changing is an understatement. This one reading made me realize that my past does not dictate my future, because it has already happened. That is why they call it your 'past'. What it has done for me is give me real hope to live my future to the fullest. And when hardships arise, I now understand that although some behaviors can and will sneak into your current life, they don't define you or your future."

Erica Siciliano

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